I work at the intersection of technology and human development.

Duke University, SBSI Summit Keynote

The story of my work in education and why I believe new learning technologies are the key to unlocking student potential.

A Look Inside mSchool

Kids and parents talk about the impact of having adaptive learning technology in their local community center.

I build and lead teams that engineer world-class mobile experiences with over 4.3M app installs and counting. I'm currently working at the New York Times.I was named to Fobes’ 30 Under 30, Education Week’s "Nine People Who Will Shape Education in the Next 10 Years”, and awarded Teach for America's National Social Innovation Award for my work creating first-to-market tech for kids. The things I value most in my work are the experiences of my teammates and the experiences of our users— the job is solving engineering challenges in ways that reflect those values.

I started my career as an alternative school math teacher in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, but I've also worked in political, government, and non-profit roles before moving into technology – all focused on helping people reach their full potential, regardless of their circumstances.I occasionally present my work in distributed learning systems and adaptive game-based assessment.

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March 5-9
Austin, TX
SxSWedu Conference
"Microschools: A New Model? Will it Last?"


February 21
Williamsburg, VA
College of William & Mary
Innovating the Industries Series
"Technology and Human Development"
March 22-24
San Francisco, CA
Carnegie Foundation
Summit on Improvement in Education
"Education Rising: Collaborative and Strategic Approaches to Talent"


April 7
Scottsdale, AZ
ASU Global Silicon Valley Summit
Presenter, Featured Venture
May 5
San Francisco, CA
Software and Information Industry Association Summit
"Assessment Types and Application in Learning Systems"
October 4-6
Philadelphia, PA
Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit


February 10
Durham, NC
Duke University
Sustainable Business and Social Impact Conference
"Adaptive Personalization as a Democratizing Force in Education"
July 9
Detroit, MI
Teach For America Alumni and Educators Conference
COBO Center
"Technology and the Future of Teaching (Why This Time is Different)"

Feel free to email or reach out on twitter. For secure calls or messaging, send me your number below and I'll respond on signal.

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